Monday, April 05, 2010

Tiki Time

This is a Juicy charm I got in my Easter basket yesterday. He is so cute, and so me. Along with my tiki I also got lots of yummy chocolate from Woodhouse. I know I am spoiled, but my kids did pretty good too. I usually take a picture of there Easter baskets but this year I was too slow, there was nothing left but Easter grass debris by the time I got out to the living room.
We went to dinner at my uncles. We had a really yummy pork roast and I made chocolate chip pie and my son made his famous brownies. My uncles house is so cute. It's old (1940's) and tiny (smaller than our house) but its decorated so cute. The best part is the tropical tiki patio area. He has a tiki bar, real tiki heads, surfboards and a thatched roof covering it all. You feel like you are on vacation when you are out there.(Even when its freezing and raining on Easter.) Every time we go there we talk about doing something similar to our backyard. I am drawing up the plans now and making up my to do list. But I know I need to finish the front porch first. :)

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