Friday, April 23, 2010

80's Flash Back Beads

Ok, the bead above is more 70's than 80's so maybe this should just be called retro beads. The bead above was inspired by the poppies that are in bloom right now. I never really looked at poppies to closely because I was always scared of them. (Not like "Attack Of The Killer Poppies" scared.) My mom would always warned me as a kid that because the poppy is the state flower, if you picked one you would go to jail. So now I have my own "legal" bouquet of poppies.

Do you remember the good old days when cereal had prizes in them. I always tell my kids about being a kid standing in the cereal aisle choosing based on the one with the best toy inside. Then once home I had 2 options, option A: reach my hand in the cereal feeling around for the prize Option B: pour out all the cereal in a big mixing bowl and then try to shove it back into the box once the toy was found. Both ways would make my mom so mad, she actually thought I should wait until the prize came out in due time. :) One of the toys that I clearly remember was the Wacky Wall Walkers. They were a sticky rubber octopus that you threw against the wall and they would crawl down on their own. (Again my mom would get mad because they worked so much better on clean glass doors) :) These beads weren't meant to be Wacky Wall Walkers, but that's what I though of as soon as I pulled them out of the kiln. Next time I will try to make Wacky Wall Walkers and I should get some great octopus beads out of it.

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