Saturday, April 03, 2010

Adult A.D.D

This is a beach house that was for sale $350,000 a few years ago I wanted it so bad.

I promise I was going to make beads to day I just got side tracked. I woke up this morning excited to get to the torch, I just needed to get on the computer get get a few more beachy ideas. That was a 8am, it is now 11am after 3 hours of surfing the Internet looking at beach cottages I am now wanting to work on our front porch and decorate the house beachy. That means I want to repaint, move furniture, buy new throw pillows, and replace current knick knacks with shells, and buy some new art for the walls and I want it all done NOW. (Wow, do I have only child issues or what.) In my warped mind if I am going to change the front porch and inside of the house then I might as well do the backyard too. This is how I end up feeling like I fail, I want to do too much and then I get overwhelmed or bored and leave things undone. Now that I am talking this all out, I will only work on the front porch today and get it beachy and cute. The inside of the house can wait for a month or two while I think about what I want to do. I really wish I could show people what goes through my mind, I think after 5 minutes they would be exhausted.

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