Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Resolution

I hate New Years Resolutions. It is such a gimmick. For the first month you hear people talking about what they are going to do differently get more organized, stop procrastinating, etc. The commercials on TV are weight loss groups, weight loss videos, and gyms. People are out in droves walking in the freezing cold. Then February comes and all is back to normal. Well this year I am making a New Years Resolution. (I am actually cheating because I have been doing for the last few months.) I have been living in the future for a long time now and missing what is happening in the now. I try to fit so much in my life and my families lives and want everything to be perfect for them, that I am not getting to enjoy any of it myself. I honestly lived months in advance.(I have brought travel guides on planes, not for the vacation we are on but to plan our next vacation.) Slowly I have been changing without even knowing. So here is my official New Years Resolution....I'm going to relax and enjoy life. So now I am off to play board games with the family.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Starting Off A Great New Year

My exciting New Year started off with severe swelling of my hand,(Which made it look like I had a lobster claw.) and swelling of both feet (Which made me lay on the couch and hobble around only when necessary.) Even with these irritating set backs we had a great New Year as a family. After my hand returned to usable size, we had a 4 player New Supper Mario Bro marathon. (We beat the game.)
Creativity wise, I was inspired this weekend by two thing. The first being another class I am taking in February. The second my daughter. She loves different art mediums just as much as I do, and this weekend she was sewing handbags. They turned out so cute and she did them completely on her own. She now wants to make more and sell them on etsy. Well if she can do it so can I. I went to the torch and made several beads based on clothing I got for Christmas. They all turned out pretty good but even better was I had so much fun.