Monday, April 12, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

I had such a fun birthday weekend. On Friday I went to the Monthly Get Together at Graceful Custom Studio in Gilroy. It is nice to spend time with people who do lampwork, especially when it's Jelveh and Grace. Jelveh did a few lampwork demo's and Grace had plenty of food to snack on while watching. (I also stopped by Napa and brought my favorite Macaroons to the studio.) I can't say how much I enjoy spending time with Jelveh and Grace they are such wonderful people.
Sunday was my actual Birthday. After telling people for the last year I was 33, I finally did turn 33. (The senility is already kicking in folks.) My husband made the best French Toast for breakfast, then every hour or two he would have me open a present. The first present was a tripod I have been wanting, but unfortunately it wasn't the right size for my camera. ( It's the thought that counts, and we can use it on a different camera anyway.) My next two presents were cupcake T shirts from Etsy Love them.

I also got a pair of jeans. I need jeans desperately, mine are old and starting to rip or are too big.

My next presents were books. I read all the time and and am always running out of books to read. These are perfect for me. (I read Chelsea Handler's first book and it was pretty funny.)

Then that night we went to dinner with my dad. Of coarse he had to tell the waitress that is was my birthday, so they did the whole embarrassing birthday production. When we were finished with dinner my dad gave me a present.

He got me a replacement Kitchen Aid! I appreciate it so much, I know how hard the pink is to find and how expensive they are. I have the best dad. (Please remember I am a spoiled only child.) :)
I am so happy to welcome my new baby into our family. I brought her home, sat her on the kitchen table and gave her a hug. I feel a little guilty about pushing her older sister to the side. I love my original pink Kitchen Aid. I got her from my grandmother-in-law several years ago. I loved her so much she no longer has lower gears and sometimes smells like she's burning when I use her for long periods. (I use her almost everyday sometimes twice a day.) So I am putting her out of her misery and sending her off to storage, where she can grow old. I plan to teach my new one the ropes this week when I make cake for my son's school carnival. (I will post pictures.)
Thank you to my family for a wonderful birthday. I appreciate the time, money (Dad you spent way too much), thought and love you put into everything. I can't thank you all enough. I am so excited to be 33 ......again.

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