Monday, May 17, 2010


I get a silver star for attitude, I'm getting silver hair from stress, all because I have been playing with silver glass.
I stepped away from my jellyfish because I was getting so irritated with my clear glass. I went to my supplier and bought the new clearer glass only to find they had it in extra large rods, along with the regular clear. After a few beads using the King Kong size clear I decided to go in another direction and skip the clear for now.
I picked up a silver glass rod that's been laying around and began to play. Silver glass is exactly that, glass with silver metal in it. The wonderful thing about it is the array of colors that comes out of one rod. Turning the propane up or the oxygen down, along with them time you keep it in the flame you get different colors in the glass. It takes a lot of experimenting and note taking to get the results you want. As for me, I like experimenting but I expect perfect results. When I saw the beads this morning I didn't freak out which is an accomplishment for me, but I wasn't thrilled. The bead below was made with white and Gaia. Gaia is described as: colors ranging from blues and purples to greens and creams. As you can see something went wrong.
I'm taking a deep breath and trying again tomorrow. You haven't seen the last of me Gaia.

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