Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I decided not to just jump into the Snorkeling Beads just yet. Instead I tried to continue to make just plain jellyfish, and boy am I glad I did. Since the jellyfish I made the other day was a last minute design I wasn't really positive on how I even did it. Here is the evolution of my Jellies.

I love these jellyfish, they remind me of the glass paperweight/sculptures I have seen in galleries while on vacation. (Using the word "remind" might not be correct since it's like apples and oranges.) Hopefully I will have time this weekend to experiment more with these.

If I'm not working on beads I will be working on our backyard, and I will have photos to share on the progress of that project. We have a new deck that my husbands building, our garden needs to be planted, I'm sewing a trampoline mat to cover the faded red one, a palapa (thatched roof) needs to be built over our patio, and then I will add the final decorative touches. We have a lot to do so wish us luck.

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