Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Part 2

10:00 am and two bakeries later we stopped at.......

I have always wanted to stop here, and being that it was Mother's Day I finally had my chance. Inside is the culinary school of coarse, but unfortunately there is not much to see of that. They do have a store that I loved, the Spice Island Marketplace. There were so many cookbooks that I "needed" along with all types of supplies and tools. I did get a cookbook, that I know I will be using a lot, and a set of heart shaped measuring spoons.

After the CIA we went to Woodhouse Chocolates and stocked up on my favorite chocolates ever. They always have such cute chocolates for the different holidays and seasons. For Mother's Day they had chocolate high heel shoes and a small box of chocolates that said I Love Mom. The high heel was a little sloppy looking and very thin and crumbly. (It could be that I just hold Woodhouse to such high standards.) The small box of chocolates so far have been wonderful. I also got a box of 24 custom assorted chocolates which never disappoint.

After so much sugar we ate some lunch and headed home. It was a really great day and I loved spending time with my two of my favorite things Family & Sugar. Love you guys.

I had a lot to write about how great the CIA was to visit but this is suppose to be a blog about my beads, and the majority of my posts are about food. So I had and idea of having a separate food blog.(But then where do I post my random stuff about everything else?) Here it goes, http://thesugartarian.blogspot.com/, I'm going to try to push my limits with another blog.

Now that problem is solved, I will be posting photos of my new beads here tomorrow.

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