Friday, May 21, 2010

I am never, NEVER to hear of you going to the surface again. Is that clear?

I am still playing with the silver Double Helix Triton glass, and let me tell you it is interesting. I was wondering what would happen if you used it with "normal" glass that had a little silver in it. I pulled out a purple 1st that is somewhat of a mystery because it didn't have a label on it, but the tip had some silver burnt onto it from a previous use.
 This was the result. Yep this bead started out purple, as you can see the purple turned a metallic caramel color. After making the base bead and dotting it with Triton I turned up the propane and ran the bead through the top of the flame a few times. I actually kind of like the color. Now the question is what will happen if I cover it in clear next time.

The next bead I used Light Turquoise, it too has some silver in it. This was the glass I expected some kind of reaction with. To my surprise.....nothing. The Light Turquoise looks the same as does the Triton. Boorring.
The third bead was with different mystery purple. With this bead I can't be totally confident about the results. As I was making this bead I was running out of oxygen so I didn't adjust the propane at all. How exactly can I recreate these results?
The purple remained more purple than the previous bead and didn't have the reaction lines around the Triton dots. Interesting.
Just as the testing is getting interesting I finally picked up some GOOD clear glass yesterday. You know what that means.....Jellyfish. Unfortunately I will be going to Mexico soon so I will have very limited bead time and right after that is Las Vegas. If I can pick up some oxygen today I will be cramming a lot of bead time in this weekend.

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