Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Weekend of Painting

I have been so busy lately. First I still am having issues with my unknown allergic swelling. I have been having it one day each weekend, which is really slowing me down. So to trick my swelling I decide to take a Friday off of work to redecorate my daughters room and make up for the day I will miss over the weekend due to the swelling. Well, of coarse on Friday my leg was so swollen it bruised and wouldn't even fit in a pair of jeans. It's so aggravating, but the show must go on.

The redecorating turned out to be a major project. The room started out as my son's Gotham City room, with dark blue walls and ceiling, and a gray city scape along the walls. Three coats of primmer later Gotham was finally gone. Mikal Anne (my daughter) choose a paint color of Tiffany Blue, so we decorated around that color. Here are some before photos, I will update later when I finish the room.


Her old room
My son's room that she moved into My Great Uncle's nightstand


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