Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

So I had quite the busy weekend. There was a little of everything lampworking, sewing, cooking and a some yard work for extra measure.

After a small meltdown at the torch on Friday I designed a new game plan. You see, I have Creative A.D.D. I have had it for years. I start a project get far enough to see how it is going to turn out and then move on.(I have a drawer of almost finished scrapbook pages to prove it.) One of the benefits of lampwork is that you get a finished product the next morning. The problem is that I never do the same bead twice. I am always trying something new which doesn't always produce the best bead. I know how to improve it for next time, but there is never a next time because I have moved on to a new design. So, after looking through old photos of my beads I decide to go back to some of those designs. I love my beach beads, they are the next best thing to the real beach. I cranked up my surfing playlist and revisited some old friends at the flame. They turned out so cute, if I do say so myself. So it will be beachy beads for awhile. Which is actually fitting since we are heading to Mexico soon.

Some of these scrapbook pages are from 2005.

This is a shell that was inspired by an ocean pendant I have.(Its hard to see in this photo, it looks much better in person.)

This one was also hard to photograph.

And because I just wouldn't feel right if I wasn't juggling more than one thing I decided to break out the sewing machine. I found this fabric several weeks ago and fell in love with it. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I had to have it. The colors are so fun and how can I turn my back on fabric with pink feathers. So I pulled it out this weekend to make a patchwork purse. I have never done patchwork before but I thought I would give it a shot. I got the body of the purse done but after three different fabric stores I haven't found the right coordinating fabric for the top and straps yet. It's another project left in progress right now but I am definitely going to finish it. I have one more fabric store to try, and it won't take more than hour to complete once I have the fabric. Stay tuned for a fabulous handbag.

Now for the cooking. I have been eyeing this recipe in my Baking With Julia cookbook since I got it for Christmas. It's a Chocolate Truffle Tart that has a chocolate crust. Yummy. Like all of Julia's recipes it is quite time consuming. And for dinner Chicken and Dumplings from America's Test Kitchen Cookbook.
With the sun finally shinning we had a opportunity to do some much needed yard work. We added some new plants and some fresh bark to the front yard, and we moved the trampoline and pruned some of the fruit trees in the back. We have much more to do in both yards but it was a start. I'm so happy spring is almost here. I am now off to spend time with the family. They are watching GI Jane. YUCK!

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