Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Day At The Beach

Our first stop on our way to Big Sur was this beach outside of Carmel. I asked my husband to take a picture of us.
It all started okay.....
then without any warning..........
We were soaked!
(I actually really like this picture)

He said he never saw the wave coming, so he couldn't warn us. At first I didn't believe him, how can you be looking through a camera at the ocean and not see a wave coming in. Bless his heart, after seeing the pictures I do believe he didn't see it. He apparently wasn't looking through the camera when taking the pictures. (Did you see the horizon in the first two, I think we were sliding off the earth.) We changed clothes and laughed about it, and in the end he did get a cute picture of us walking in from the water. You did good Mr. S-L.

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