Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Can Pink Make Me So Sad

Last night I finally had/made time to make some beads. I was inspired by Juicy Couture and worked in their color palate of pink and brown. I should have known better. Pink glass is hard to come by because the glass companies just don't make it. They offer 40 different shades of blue and only 16 shades of pink. So in the particular brand of glass I use the only "true" opaque pink they make looks just like white, so I encased the beads in transparent pink and forgot that pink + pink = PEACH. I have nothing against peach but I love and want a beautiful soft bubble gum pink. There are other brands that have different shades of pink that I guess I soon will be trying, but as of this morning I was so sad for my little peach beads.

My photo skills didn't brighten up my day either.

This bead is pink and encased with clear. The roses are made with a special pink that I am not even going to get into right now
Same colors, only encased in pink.

Well, tonight I am going in a different direction. I have two different color palates that I'm thinking about, and we will see what happens in the morning.


passport in my pocket said...

these are awesome!

Roxie said...

Thank you.