Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spending Quality Time With My Torch

Oh my goodness I have been busy, and I haven't even packed for our trip this weekend. Most of my time has been at the torch so at least I haven't been bumming around. I have been waking up so excited to get to the kiln and see my beads, it makes the early mornings easier to wake up to.(Note to self: One of these days post the process of my bead making.) So here are some of the beads I have made over the weekend. I literally took these pictures as I was running out of the house this morning.(Yep, that's why I was late for work today.)

This bead is based on the Grapies I was talking about the other day. You can't tell from the picture but this bead is HUGE. I have been obsessed with big beads lately. I don't even think it's wearable, unless you have a neck of a NFL player.

Now my beach beads. I said I was going to focus on beach beads and I have stayed true to my word.(For the most part.) I thought since I took a flower class I should still work on my flowers, so I incorporated them. I like the tropical feel of this bead and am excited to do some more like it, maybe change up the flowers and the colors.
These are meant to have a beach combing feel. One of my favorite things is beach combing, and my family thinks it sooo boring. I could spend hours walking up and down the shore looking at "junk" that has washed up. Since I don't live on the beach, I can make my own beach treasures.(I should have been born a mermaid.)

I have more beads to photograph before we leave. I think they will show you what has been on my mind at the torch for the last 2 days.

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