Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It Happens

Please ignore my ugly hands and poorly manicured nails.

One question lampwork artist get asked is, "Do you ever get burned?". Yes, I think all people who spend time at the torch get burnt every now and then. For me it tends to happen when I am tired and just not focused. The first time I burnt myself was when I sat down a glowing hot glass rod and immediately picked it back up by the tip that was just in the flame. It melted a black fingerprint into the glass, and my index finger blistered instantly. This latest burns happen this last weekend.(Yes, there was more than one.) The first I quickly put my hand down on a HOT glass rod and burnt my ring finger under my knuckle. The second was glass shrapnel flying through the air and landing on my wrist. The last (pictured above) I can't even remember how it happened, but I know a very hot rod of glass was involved. I did finish up what I was doing then called it a day because I knew nothing good was going to happen.

I do have new beads to show tomorrow, and I have been in a snorkeling mood.

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