Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hair Dryer Meditation

I woke up this morning to take a look at my beads and started beating myself up again. I was disappointed with all of them. They weren't what I had envisioned the night before so I threw them in the cleaning bucket and went off to get ready for my day. While I was blow drying my hair I was thinking about how silly it was to have these beads make me so sad. (I do a lot of my deep thinking while drying my hair.) I went back out and took a newly enlightened view. It turns out they weren't as bad as I originally told myself. My starfish (Yes it supposed to be a starfish) is pretty chubby and looks like a flower but it's kind of cute. My palm frond actually is much better than I thought it was going to be while I was making it. My other three beads are really close to what I was going for.

I also am happy with my new bead background. I stopped fighting with the white and decided to go more natural. Actually my daughter came up with the idea. I was just thinking yesterday that I would try a colored background maybe a blue. When I came in from the torch yesterday my husband and daughter took pictures of some of my old beads and used the wood background, and I love it. One less thing for me to fight with. :)

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