Monday, November 30, 2009


Another Thanksgiving in Mexico.

We started the holiday week with a stop at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The weather was nice and it wasn't crowded at all. Some rides you could just stay on and ride again. We rode all the roller coaster except 3, one of which was closed. The family favorite was X2.(Listen carefully to the background, the ride has speakers behind your head and plays a soundtrack that goes to the ride. Aerosmith's (Going Down) Love in an Elevator plays on the first drop.)

The next day we visited with family in L.A, and then off to the border.(I did stop at the outlets in Palm Springs too.)

San Felipe was great as usual. The people are so friendly you always feel at home. On Thanksgiving Day we hung out at the pool drinking Pina Colada's, then went back to our house to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. (We obviously have a lot to be thankful for.)

And on a side note, my friend had a little boy while I was gone. They emailed me lots of pictures and I saw him when I got back. He is adorable.

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