Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time To Play Catch Up

This is Corina teaching at Graceful Customs Studio.

The class was fabulous as always, as was Grace and her husband Frank. I learned a ton of tips and tricks from Corina. Then of coarse Grace spoiled me with candy and chocolate cake, and sent us all home with goodies; shell shaped soap made by Grace, a tiny jar of candy with themed candy, and personalized key chains. She is the best hostess.
I must be growing up because although I did tear up while I was trying to make a crab I did not destroy my beads by dousing them in water. Instead I did the grownup thing, I put them on the side of my work station in time-out and made them think about what the did wrong. So here are the sad and frustrating pictures of my two beads I made in class. (I swear Corina is the Bob Ross of beads, she makes it look so simple.)
                           Not too bad, but errrrr!                        Then this little crab is just ERRRR!

Since my class I have been busy at the torch, but like last time I am having a hard time implementing the things I have learned. I try incorporating them into designs I have been comfortable with and it just falls apart. Actually IT doesn't fall apart I do. I am continuing to chug along and make progress with each bead, but just to push my sanity I also came up with a new design. Continuing with my water theme I am attempting to make ocean waves. I tried to make them a few years ago, but some new shinny object must have caught my attention because I made two or three and that was it. The waves I made originally never laid right when made into jewelry, so this time I am working on the form of the wave and the way it lays when worn as a necklace. Remember this is my first try so it will definitely be improved upon in the next few days, but I am getting close to what I envision.

Before I go I have to tell you about this last weekend. I had a hair appointment on Saturday to turn my blonde hair blonder, which takes forever. I came home 3 1/2 hours later when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a clean lampworking table. I don't have a good before picture, but my area gets so messy I cant find my tools within the pile of glass. (Creativity is messy)  My husband cleaned up all my glass and sorted it into two boxes for me, the rods and the nubs. It is actually really nice having a clean area, no more digging for that blue rod that was just here. So a million thank yous to my husband and I promise I will try to keep it clean. I said TRY. (:

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