Friday, July 02, 2010


All I needed was to plan a new vacation to put my attitude right again. I will finally be going snorkeling. I became desperate the other day to go on a real vacation and even thought about going to Hawaii, which I am not crazy about. (Once you have been to an island paradise like the Cook Islands you get spoiled.) My destination this fall will be Puerto Morelos Mexico. (Supposedly the town that inspired Margaritaville.) I have always wanted to go to Cancun without going to Cancun. :) I like beaches, sun, beautiful water, along with local culture. Cancun is more commercial than I am comfortable with, resorts and high rises I try to avoid when on vacation. So when I heard about Puerto Morelos it sounded perfect, a small town with all the adjectives I look for in a destination. So with a little vacation motivation here are some fun Snorkel Beads.

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