Friday, August 21, 2009

Today is a "poor me" day

I am convinced if I didn't work I would have time to put my thoughts here on my blog, and into my beads for that matter. I am always on the go. I know waa! waa!, after all I only work part time, but there is just so much I "need" to do. I have to get ready for work, check my sons clothes for matching and cleanliness, make sure he packed a real lunch not candy, drop my daughter off at school, drop my son off at school, go to work, l, pick up my daughter from school, pick up my son from school, get home and figure out what I am making for dinner, sit down to take a breath, take my daughter to practice, make dinner, sit down with the family, then start it all again in the morning. A big part of it is my fault, I have said it before. I feel like I have to do everything because a) If I don't the world will come to and end b) I have a perfection disorder.

So enough complaining. I am here for my beads. I have been working on some beads inspired by my annual trip to the Oregon Dunes. I wanted the cold coastal colors along with the dunes and trees to be represented, but the finished results just weren't doing it for me. I really like the light blue beachy bead, but it doesn't have the Oregon feel to me. Whatever. I am going to continue working on this series of beads until I am inspired by somewhere else.

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