Monday, March 09, 2009

Beads with vacation on the mind

(Bad Photos)

So yesterday I finally spent some time on the torch. I am getting ready for vacation and my beads show it. We are going to the Cook Islands and I am dreaming of the lagoons. So, naturally my beads have a tropical lagoon feel. I played around with some frit to give them a coraly (my own word) feel. Like always, when I get my little treasures out of the kiln and inspect them, more ideas come to mind. So tonight I am going to try to make some sets with the tropical water feel. I also have a project to go along with the theme of these beads that I cant wait to get it started. Hopefully I will get enough beads done before my trip to Mexico this week, so I can work on the beading there.
I should have more bead pictures up tomorrow.

xo xo ROXIE

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Braden Hammond Glass said...

cool beads !!